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Cheese can be an excellent protagonist in your buffets, appetisers or as a main dish. Truly delicious pairings can in fact be created using very simple ingredients.


For example, cheeses can be paired with fresh fruit such as figs, grapes or pears. Those who have never tried Gorgonzola cheese with pears have no idea what they're missing, not to mention Seirass cheese with figs! A truly winning combination!


Another ingredient that perfectly marries with lots of cheese types is honey (Millefiori, Orange Blossom or Chestnut), which thanks to its slightly bitter taste, enhances even the most delicate cheeses. Another must is the Castelmagno with Millefiori honey, or even a Mountain honey with a blue cheese such as Parlbleu.


If you combine cheese with dry fruit, you can't go wrong. Walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios are a must have at the table.


Just like reduced balsamic vinegar, which often accompanies ripened cheeses such as Reggiano and Pecorino.


The last category, and perhaps the most widespread, is that of jams, grape mustards and conserves. The range of jams that can be paired with fresh, ripened and medium-ripened cheeses is truly vast. We recommend a blueberry or lemon preserve with a goat's milk Lattica, or perhaps a peach preserve with our sheep's milk Testun, and finally an apricot jam with Formaggio del Castel.


There's not really any right or wrong combinations, meaning you're free to experiment and decide which contrasts you most prefer. On our part, we can say that when the cheese is good, any combination is a success!

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