Caseificio Sepertino

Our cheeses are produced using traditional and artisan processing methods, just like the methods used by Grandpa Pietro, the founder of the company. Raw or pasteurized milk is integrated with a selection of lactic cultures, with the subsequent addition of rennet.


It is at this point that the skill and experience of our dairy workers comes into play; thanks to recipes that are the fruit of more than eighty years of experience, the production process is adapted depending on the desired final product. Once the curd has been drained in special containers, the cheese forms are wrapped in linen sheets, as dictated by tradition.


The next phase is pressing, a critical step to ensure the longest possible ripening of our cheeses. Once the ideal acidity has been reached, the cheese moves on to the salting phase, which differs depending on the desired final product: either by submerging it into special salt solutions or through manual massages with fine salt, until the cheese absorbs the right amount for its subsequent ripening.



Our cheeses are ripened strictly on white fir wood boards. Our ripening staff checks all the cheeses on a daily basis, ensuring they leave our premises only once they have reached their optimal level of ripening.


Semi-hard cheeses, for example the Toma piemontese or the Raschera, are turned over and brushed on a weekly basis with linen sheets to allow their best possible maturation.


Hard cheeses on the other hand are turned over and massaged on the crust with seed oil, so that the ripening process can be prolonged over time, keeping its organoleptic qualities unaltered.


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